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32x32" paintings on canvas   oil, raw pigment, acrylic, ink, enamel, newsprint, copper leaf, primer paint

"Join the L.I.F.E. Bring Your Own Parachute"                  

"Stayin' Alive"  

"Scream of the Butterfly"

Artists' Portrait: "Severed Legs Running"

"Don't Let It Go"

'Does the Wind Remember?"

"Eye of Migration"

"Heaven's Ladder"

"Blackbird Chain"

"In the Garden of Gold"

"A World Teaches and Tugs"

"Blackbird Chain II"

"Dragon and the Butterfly"

"Mother Always Said, Don't Be So Dramatic"

"City in Meditation"


The Falling: "Into Sleep"

"The Horse and His Heart"

"This Broadcast is Over, Thank you for Listening

"Stars and Moons"

"Portrait of Michu"

"The Neuropathic Pattern"

"The Butterfly"

"Cat Man and the Moon Rise"

"Movement of Manifestation"

"Ladder of Ascension"

"The Fish"

"Ghosts Posing as Angels"


"Dream Diving"

"Morning Light"  

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