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Inception "The Healing Room"  oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas    48x60"

"Winter Water"   oil, charcoal on canvas  36x60"  

"Synchronicity"  oil, ink, pastel on canvas   36x60"

"Aegean Blood"   oil, raw pigment, ink on canvas   60x144"

"Ophelia"   watercolour, ink, raw pigment on canvas   36x42"

"Swimming in Life's Pool"   watercolour on canvas   30x40"

"Jewel of the Aegean"  watercolour on canvas  19x15"

"Morning Nymphaea" oil on canvas  18x18"

"Midday Nymphaea"  oil on canvas  18x18"

"Midnight Nymphaea"  oil on canvas  18x18"  

"Waterwood Nymphaea"  oil, charcoal on canvas  18x18"

For Moon"Map of the Aegean"  oil, raw pigment, silver leaf on canvas  18x18"

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