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WATERCOLOUR/INK  on canvas/varnishsed


"Wandering in the Labyrinth"  30x24

"Jewel of the Aegean"  19x15"

"Stranger Than Angels"  26x22"


"Nature's Ballad"

25x25"  (each canvas)

"Sailing Alone Around the Room" 19x15

"The Yellow Dress"   24x32"

"In the Garden of Broken Hearts"  24x32"

"Swimming in Life's Pool"   28x40"                                                                                                          


"Parallel Universe"

19x15" each canvas

"The Secret"  25x24"

"Walking on the Edge With Chloe"  24x24"

"Heartbeat in My Mind"  24x32"

"The Year of Magical Thinking"  24x32"

"Angel's Portal"  24x32"

"Resurrection"  24x32"

"Rain"  24x24"

"Down the Rabbit Hole"  24x24"

"Rock Bottom Riser"   40x32"

"The Birthing of Venus"  19x15"

"All That Remains"  19x15"                                                                                        

"The Nearness of  All Knowing"   24x22"                                           

"The Passage"  19x15"                                                                            

"The Dream"  19x15"                                                                               

"For a Saviour's Arms"  19x15"                                                                         

"Mount Olympus"  56x38"

"Mid Journey"  15x19"

"Pulled Down By the Undertow"  24x24  

"Pomegranate Butterfly"  18x18"

"And the Rooster Before Him"  15x19"

"Barcelona" 22x24

"Ophelia"  36x42"

"Ophelia in the Undertow"  15x19'

"City of Hope"  15x19"

"Queen of the Aegean"  11x14" on paper with copper wire

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